Thank You.

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These people in particular deserve special mention for the genesis/execution of this record:
Brian Moen (firstly and importantly), Alison Scarpulla (for the visuals), James Tyler O’Neill (new wiz), Christian Salter (godfather), Zach Koss (rt & human), Jason P. Schumacher & Riley Lester (eyes and intuition), Adam Svec & Tor Johnson (going wayyy back), B. Lev (my gal), Lindsey, Rita Boersma & Sara Vander Ploeg (The backbone gals), DeVon Gray (for the use of the Rhodes), Zach Hanson (stitching it up), Peter Miller (, Josie Just & Jillian Rae (for the music lab!), Mike Ramirez & Bill Stertz (giving giants), All of our other family & friends (you guys!) and to newbies Twyla, Maisie & Henry (next gen kidz).